How was your week, Lovebird? September flew by. Before we know it, it’ll be time for pumpkin-carving. To be followed swiftly by turkey-carving. The three of us have a craft date to prep for a few upcoming weddings and photoshoots. Stay tuned for pictures. In the meantime, a few links that we are loving:

  • For next weekend’s wedding, our bride- and groom-to-be are giving their guests healthy culinary food treats as favors. We are super excited to see how the jars and bottles of goods turn out. And also for the launch of the fun/informational tumblr page we are building so their guests know how and why to use each item! For example, did you know that Turmeric is so soo sooo good for you?
  • How cute would the forthcoming TOMS Ballet Flats be for a bride or her ‘maids? (Or for twirling around the streets of New York?)
  • This week we discovered Treasure & Bond, Nordstrom’s new charity concept store on West Broadway. It’s amazing. So many pretty, sparkly things to look at, and with 100% of proceeds going to NYC non-profits, it’s a feel-good reason to spend a little cash. They have a little something for everyone: houseware, clothes, books, toys, accessories. This is going to be a key stop for birthday and holiday gifts, bridal party presents … and Tinsel photoshoots!
  • Now at last! Have you been streaming Feist’s long-awaited new album? Her voice is like a light in the dark. (How funky would this Feist/K-OS remix of “Mushaboom” be for a post-”now you may kiss the bride” tune?)
  • Speaking of great music and songbirds that we have girl-crushes on … Sigh, Adele. We love you long time.
  • Let’s run (or bike?) away to Paris. We have decided that Paris is a more feminine version of New York. And that sounds tres magiques to us right about now.
  • For funsies … Oh, no they didn’t! (Yes, they did. And did almost everyone, apparently.) A history of the most sex-crazed royals.


( Kissy-face photo from Ruffled Blog )

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