We normally send you into the weekend with a collection of fun, funny, funky, pretty links to cruise through. But today’s post focuses on just one gorgeous wedding. The pictures are just amazing enough to stand on their own.

You know those people that you just want to hate because they can’t possibly be so freaking beautiful, so perfectly put together, so elegant, and yet so mother-flippin’ cool, but then you can’t hate them because you not-so-secretly love them and envy them and kind of want to be BFFs with them?! Yeah. That’s this couple.

Check out the rest of their zexxxy photos (and animated GIF – you have to love an animated GIF!) by clicking on over to their amazzzing photographer’s site. Voila, Brandon Werth.


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  1. abi says:

    These photos and the others on Brandon Werth’s website are nothing less than amazing. Congratulations to the gorgeous couple and to Brandon for capturing the true emotion and love of their day. wow.

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