Happy Friday, Lovebirds! It’s been quite a week for us. We’ve jumped right back into business after the Thanksgiving holiday food coma. Adette’s been busy updating our website with some of our most recent weddings and events. (Exhibit A, above. That beautiful bride and groom are such sunshine on a cloudy day!)

We’ve also been visiting a few more work spaces for our impending move to Studio 2.0. Cross your fingers that come 2013 you can find us in DUMBO next to posh boutiques like Modern Anthology and The White Gown.

We’re so, so excited for our photoshoot on Sunday. Our friends at Broadway Party Rentals are hooking up with their gorgeous showroom space and our pick of their beautiful tableware pieces.

As we close out the week, here are just a few of our favorite linky-dinks:

  • First, the blog where we stole the term “linky-dinks.” One of our friends spotted a familiar face on their site and sent us the link. We have to admit, The Stefan Sisters have impeccable taste!
  • Our lady-loves at Daily Candy did a rad, rockin’ profile on us. We’re sharing our lovefest with the masses!
  • And speaking of lovefests … and DUMBO … and Thanksgiving … West Elm’s Front & Main style blog featured our Fall Photoshoot from last year. Such an awesome blast from the past!
  • Our gorgeous, glamorous girlfriend Lindsay Sue is stepping in to model for us on Sunday. She is one of those rare birds that’s so beautiful inside and out. We love her most recent blog post that perfectly captures how she balances her chic city lifestyle and the time she commits to volunteering for Sandy relief.
  • The ladies of Urban Girl Squad are also doing their part. They’re hosting a cocktail party on Wednesday to benefit hurricane victims. Raise a glass!
  • Someone please buy this french bulldog stamp for us? Please and thanks!

Happy-Friday-and-almost-December-can-you-believe-it ?!

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