The weather outside is frightful, but there’s sunshine all up in our souls today because it’s Friday! Friday!

We had an absolute blast at last night’s pa to celebrate Refinery 29′s “Month of Working Girls.” We took over the “Subtwine” space of Entwine in the West Village. It was fantastic to meet all of the lady hustlers featured in the series. Another highlight of the evening: The house DJ was only our most favorite New York City DJs ever! Ever! DJ Marvin, we’ve found you!

Before we sign off for the weekend, a few of our favorite internet friends and finds this week:

  • We were introduced to fantastic Baltimore-based photographer, Kirsten Marie. Check her out. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Say what you will about TLC’s Honey Boo Boo. (Erica loves her! Loves!) But we like her stance on homosexuality. (Do we have a Marriage Equality advocate in the making?)
  • Couldn’t you just eat this shoot up with a spoon?
  • What are your thoughts on changing last names after getting married? We don’t have strong feelings on this, but it’s always interesting when (i) a bride or groom has a very complicated sur name, (ii) one of the lovebirds has an established professional career and recognizable name, (iii) you get into super hyphenations like our multi-syllabic June couple, (iv) the Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs have to decide who takes what name, and (v) names get all extra multi-culty like this photographer.
  • What if your officiant refused to marry you?!
  • We love the idea of brides donating their dresses. Would you?

* Sweet, soggy photo above via Jodi Miller Photography.

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