What are you up to this weekend? A living room dance party looks like a lot of fun!

We will be finishing up some invitation assemblies, putting together the ceremony backdrop for our July 7 bride and groom, working on some new design pieces. And doing a little rooftop BBQ-ing and beer-ing.

Wishing you a hot hot hot weekend. Kicking off with a few of our favorite links this week…

  • We love this dancey-pants picture of Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman, borrowed from these gals.
  • This animated .gif will make you giggle.
  • This list will inspire you to have a bangin’ wedding on a budget!
  • You don’t have to feel beholden to Kleinfeld’s or Bergdorf’s for your wedding gown. Check out this list of other great shops via Racked.
  • These 10 wedding gifts for the proud geeks in your camp. (We embrace geekiness!)
  • We discussed the possibility of spray-painting animal figurines with one of our potential 2013 brides. (She has a thing for winter animals! We love it!) Then, lo … just came across this fantastic carnival-themed wedding on 100 Layer Cake. (The bride here is cousins of our friends at the Asian Cajuns!)
  • In the midst of peak wedding season — and while courting new clients for 2013, dios mio — we are trying to focus on our financial planning and business-building goals. This article on Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx) is a treasure trove of inspiration.
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