We’ve recently discovered a beautiful bride-to-be who is facing the familiar dilemma of how to focus her wedding day theme. The big day will take place at her beau’s family’s home in Philly. She is a classically trained musician, and her hubby-to-be is a professional photographer. As you might imagine, they both have similarly skilled friends who will contribute photography and musical accompaniments throughout their celebration. Other loved ones will be officiating and providing their cake.

As for their visual details, they are exploring the idea of recycling / upcycling / reusing / repurposing (a little something Green instead of something blue). At the same time, they want to make sure that their celebration comes across more chic than shabby. In this case, it’s important that their take on sustainability comes across as polished and not just casually pulled together.

We have several ideas of how they could possibly pull these elements together. And lucky for us, we love this kind of fodder for blog posts, so our next few posts will try to solve this beautiful puzzle from a few different angles. Applying any theme to every aspect of your big day can be overkill. But incorporating a thematic thread to a few key elements can really help tie things together and tell a story.

To start, we will let music be the food of this couple’s love. Here is a selection of ways this bride and groom could marry their musical and sustainability interests.

Instead of a traditional guest book, invite your guests to write their warm wishes on blank sheet music rules or even the sheet music for your special song.

Use old sheet music or lyric sheets to craft blooms for boutonnieres and bouquets.

Strike up the band by getting your guests involved. Provide an assortment of instruments and noisemakers as guest favors.

Use sheet music, song books, album covers, or concert posters to create a dramatic backdrop.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, origami your 1,000 cranes out of old sheet music.

Use old sheet music and lyric sheets to create placemats, table runners, or escort cards.

Dig through your record collection (or yo’ mamas’ and yo’ papas’ stacks) to find photo props.

Good Golly, Miss Molly! We could go on and on and on … The sky is the limit. [ Coda ]

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