In case you have been wondering, 2013 has been an extra wild ride for us. In the midst of several epic weddings, business events, partnerships, photoshoots, and other assorted adventures, we have embarked on a brand relaunch to usher in the new year. We are thrilled to see what 2014 will bring.

Already on the list: Revive the blog. And that’s not just a resolution, that’s a promise. See you on the other side of the ball drop.


Adette, Liz, and Erica


You may have noticed it’s been a little quiet here lately. We’ve all been busy catching up on emails. And sleep. Seriously, despite our wishes and very earnest trying, there are never enough hours in the day.

Please excuse us as we take time away from blogging. But if you truly miss us, you can follow our adventures via facebook, twitter, and [NOW! NEWLY ADDED!] instagram.


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* Photo Source: Unknown. Is it yours, Sailor?

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On Saturday, we helped style the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s “Black, White, and Evergreen” Ball. This event was inspired by Truman Capote’s 1966 soiree at The Plaza, which has been called “The Party of the Century.”

The guest list was about a mile long and included anybody who was anybody at the time — movies stars, writers, politicians, heiresses — all in masquerading gear.

Mia Farrow & Frank Sinatra making their rounds.

We had such fun researching the original event for inspiration. Here are just a few of our favorite photos from the night.

A young (and fabulous) Candice Bergen.

This iconic photo of Sofia Loren throwing mean shade at Jane Mansfield just before a legendary nip-slip.

And take a gander at these select few names from the very glamorous guest list …

Mr and Mrs Gianni Agnelli, Count Umberto Agnelli, Edward Albee, Mrs W Vincent Astor, Mr and Mrs Richard Avedon, James Baldwin, Miss Tallulah Bankhead, Cecil Beaton, Mr and Mrs Harry Belafonte, Marisa Berenson, Candice Bergen, Mr and Mrs Irving Berlin, Sir Isaiah and Lady Berlin, Mr and Mrs Leonard Bernstein, Mr and Mrs Benjamin Bradlee, Mr and Mrs William Buckley, Mr and Mrs Richard Burton, Prince Carlo Caracciolo, Lord Chalfont, Dr and Mrs John Converse, Noël Coward, Mr and Mrs Walter Cronkite, Mr and Mrs Sammy Davis Jr, Oscar de la Renta, Marlene Dietrich, Elliott Erwitt, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Mrs Marshall Field, Mr and Mrs Henry Fonda, Joan Fontaine, Mr and Mrs Henry Ford 2nd, Mr and Mrs John Kenneth Galbraith, Greta Garbo, Ambassador and Mrs Arthur J Goldberg, Mr and Mrs Samuel Goldwyn, Henry Golightly, Hamish Hamilton, Ambassador and Mrs W Averell Harriman, Mr and Mrs William Randolph Hearst Jr, Mr and Mrs Henry J Heinz 2nd, Miss Lillian Hellman, Elizabeth Hilton, Horst P Horst, Christopher Isherwood, Maharajah and Maharani of Jaipur, Senator and Mrs Jacob K Javits, Lynda Bird Johnson, Philip Johnson, Senator and Mrs Edward M Kennedy, Mrs John F Kennedy, Mrs Joseph P Kennedy, Senator and Mrs Robert F Kennedy, Alfred Knopf, Mr and Mrs Joseph Kraft, Mrs Patricia Lawford, Mr and Mrs Irving Lazar, Harper Lee, Vivien Leigh, Mr and Mrs Jack Lemmon, Mr and Mrs Alan Jay Lerner, Mr and Mrs Alexander Lieberman, Mr and Mrs Robert Lowell, Mr and Mrs Henry Luce, Shirley MacLaine, Mr and Mrs Norman Mailer, Mr and Mrs Joseph Mankiewicz, Mr and Mrs Walter Matthau, Mr and Mrs Robert McNamara, Mr and Mrs Paul Mellon, Mr and Mrs James Michener, Mr and Mrs Arthur Miller, Mr and Mrs Vincent Minnelli, Mr and Mrs Samuel I Newhouse Sr, Mrs Stavros Niarchos, Mike Nichols, Lord and Lady David Ogilvy, Mr and Mrs Gregory Peck, George Plimpton, Prince and Princess Stanislas Radziwill, Mr and Mrs Jason Robards Jr, Governor and Mrs Nelson A Rockefeller, Philip Roth, Baroness Cecile de Rothschild, Baron and Baroness Guy de Rothschild, Theodore Rousseau, Mr and Mrs Arthur Schlesinger Jr, Mrs David O Selznick, Mr and Mrs Irwin Shaw, Mr and Mrs Frank Sinatra, Steve Sondheim, Sam Spiegel, Mr and Mrs John Steinbeck, Gloria Steinem, Mr and Mrs William Styron, Mr and Mrs Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Ambassador and Mrs Llewellyn E Thompson, Penelope Tree, Mr and Mrs Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, Mrs T Reed Vreeland, William Walton, Mr and Mrs Edward Warburg, Andy Warhol, Mr and Mrs Robert Penn Warren, Mr and Mrs John Hay Whitney, Mr and Mrs Billy Wilder, Tenessee Williams, Mr and Mrs Edmund Wilson, Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Darryl Zanuck

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Okay, moment of truth. We’re not huge fans of Valentine’s Day. While we love any reason to binge on bouquets, bottle of champagne, and boxes of chocolate, we believe that love should be celebrated every day.

But we are big fans of smart stationery and vintage pin-up girls, so we’re dedicating this post to those things we love.


Pin-up: GoFoBo   |   Paper: Oh So Beautiful Paper

Paper: Tres Sugar   |   Pin-up: Unknown

Pin-up: Vintage Folly   |   Paper: Coque Vama on Etsy

Paper: Sad Shop on Etsy   |   Pin-up: Unknown

Paper: Eva Black Design   |   Pin-up: Unknown


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Trust it. You can absolutely trust that day. Rainy days and all. It’s a good day to make things happen.

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If you follow us on Facebook then you know what all three of us Tinselettes happen to be Aquarius babies. And we just looooove birthdays. That, and we are religious about following horoscopes and zodiac patterns. (Susan Miller is our patron saint.)

In true three-headed-monster fashion, we share a frightening amount of personality traits and tendencies, many of which follow our Aqua baby zodiac trends. For example:

  • Aquarians usually get along with just about everyone They are particularly attracted to people who make them laugh and make them feel good about themselves.
  • Aquarius likes eccentric and weird things, being around people with similar minds and being noticed.
  • As an Aquarius you believe in fairness and freedom. You are sentimental about the past and envision an ideal future, so sometimes the present can be the most complex place for you.
  • Aquarians are honest, probing, popular, amiable, broad-minded, creative, eccentric, friendly, loyal, original, independent, and witty.
  • Some of our favorite fellow Aqua bebes: Darwin, Rosa Parks, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bob Marley, Tom Brokaw, Paul Newman, Etta James, Rick James, Langston Hughes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Carol Channing, Eartha Kitt, Angela Davis, Ellen. Just to name a few. We’re in good company!

Do you believe in the magic of horoscopes? Does your sign drive who you are and what you do?

* Zodiac art by Ekaterina Koroleva via Happiness Is

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“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” — Amanda Cross


* Image Source: Bridal Musings

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Our friends at Suite Paperie are giving away a very sweet (er, suite?) set of stamps just in time for Valentine’s Day. They have designed two custom Valentine’s Day Stamps: a classic kisses and hugs “XO” and an “ILYSFM” (I love you so f**king much) stamp.

A winner will be chosen on Friday, February 8 so get your entries in now. It’s super easy to enter:

  1. Commenting on their facebook post
  2. Commenting on their blog post
  3. Tweeting it @Suitepaperie
  4. Or do all three and increase your chances to win!



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Stop whatever you’re doing and watch the video above!!! Even if you’ve already seen it!!! It’s amazing, and more so each time you play it!!! Between the three of us, we’ve collectively watched this Pep Talk, oh, 27 times this week. Kid President is our new religion. And our new mantras: Time to BE MORE AWESOME … Time to Make the World DANCE (!!!)

Don’t you love it? Okay, now on to our favorite links from this week:

  • Just in time for Valentine’s Day — or all three Tinsel birthdays, just sayin’ — Buzzfeed’s 39 Best Things Ever Said About Love.
  • Are you a true Disney kid at heart like us? Watch this sweet Oscar-nominated short. It’s a gem.
  • And now this is a wedding invitation! LOLz.
  • It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing home what we lovingly call our “big ass check.” But the time has come to apply for the 10th annual PowerUp small business competition. This year, the big ass check could be yours!
  • Advice on what to do after getting a ring put on it. (Hint: It does not involve making it “official” on Facebook!)
  • On the subject of ring-a-dings, advice on how to buy a quality diamond on a budget. (Another Hint: You don’t really need to ace all of the 4 C’s, player.)

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!

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